Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day is Dead - Long Live Galentine's Day!

The astute among you may have noticed that yesterday came without a post - but with good reason, my friends. This weekend has been spent with the ones I love, and yesterday the ones I love were a) shopping with me and then b) taking me out for a meal that may only be described as schmancy.

The sister and I decided to start a tradition this year and treat ourselves to a girls' day on this most sacred of couples day. Because honestly, statistically speaking, when I'm 90 and drooling down my microsuede cardigan, the most likely person to be wheeled next to me, laughing their fool head off at me is not The Boy, but  my sister. 

Sorry, TB,but if you really wanted to be there, you'd insist your gender live longer. 

Anywho, we got some logistical stuff out of the way at first and then set out for a facial, our first, which was divine. We always keep coming back to this one "spa" in an office building but we're never sure why. The first time I was there, my pedicure was a 1/2 hour late so they gave me a free manicure. One time the Brazillian waxing burned me so bad I peeled for 3 straight days (I'll give you a moment to process that). This time, we waited a 1/2 hour for our facials and then were told we had to be in the same room.  It turned out to be okay as there was much giggling between us (and not just because we had to keep saying the word "facial" - we're 14) and the proximity helped encourage this. Maybe it's the discounts, maybe it's the kindness of the staff or the quality of the procedures, maybe it's the way the owner has no filter and gabs about other clients while we sip green tea, but we always return. Professionalism Shmo-shmessionalism. My skin feels like a baby's bottom and smells twice as good!

Then we went to the mall to try to find Valentine's Day candy but were thwarted. I swear, either stores are shipping shit back now or people are just getting out of bed way earlier because there is no excuse for the lack of candy I've found both at Christmas and Valentine's. No excuse, people. None.

A little shopping and then lunch (with drinks! ooh la la!) and we were back home. Ordered in Indian food, caught up with Happy Endings (this show is seriously growing on me) and gabbed past midnight. So so fabulous. 

Yesterday came with a little more shopping, then a sad parting of ways as Galentine's Day came to a close. I seriously can't wait to do this again next year. Chicks rule.

The following day we paid lip service to the day of the heart, though in actually it was a lot of fart jokes and laziness. The Boy and I caught up with Mad Men (we bought a loooot of DVDs at Amazon's Black Friday sale) then went out for the aforementioned fancy dins. To the dismay of myself (but to the delight of you lot and no doubt the rest of the restaurant's clientele) my phone died as our first course arrived so there's no photo evidence of the amazing food we ate but it was kind of nice to turn off the Instagram filter in my mind once in a while. We did the tasting menu and so were brought sashimi and foie gras, ravioli and duck breast, and finished off with 6 kinds of cheese in lieu of dessert. I thought The Boy was going to siss out when they pointed to the most pungent of the cheeses (TB has a serious aversion to what he calls "poofoot cheese") but when he heard it was called "Dragon's Breath" he was sold. It was seriously delicious. I always feel like a bit of a fraud at these places. My clothes aren't expensive, my hair and makeup were done in a rush and I don't really like any kind of wine .. except sparkling. Which seems like a cop out. When the server came by to let me taste a bit of it before I drank it I tried to look like I knew what I was talking about when I nodded and murmured "yes, excellent". I am so full of it my eyes are brown. The best part was we were 6 minutes from home when we finally stopped eating around 11:30 or so. I don't know how regular people eat at these hours. When I realized at 5:00 that I wouldn't be eating for 4 more hours I pretty much pulled a no-bones in the middle of the mall.

And for those of you who are worried about how this affected Frugal February - well, you're right I was no angel. But the lunch was mostly paid by a gift card, the shopping was all 30%-50% off and prices had been monitored for weeks, the dinner was my V-Day gift from The Boy and the facial was paid by a Groupon a year ago. So not bad for a weekend of hedonism with my favourite folk. Not bad at all.

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