Friday, February 22, 2013

A Reassessment of Yesterday's Post: Balls.

Sing it, Eddy Arnold.

Ugh. Let's go back to those blissfully ignorant times known as "Wednesday" when the world was fresh and our belief that our plumbing issues would be affordable were still beautiful pipe dreams.

Must... pun.. even in.... hard times.

Usually having a myriad of men traipse through my home would leave me positively dizzy with delight but not when they're actually, y'know, doing their job. I'll spare you the gory (read: boring) details but it's both more than we thought it would be and better than we predicted. Drank a little too much, grumped a little too hard and now I just want to solve all my problems by knocking off a pastor's wife, collecting the insurance money and hiding her body in the lake.

Sorry, we've been watching Dateline.

Honestly, TB's been in a totally depressive mood about it and though I've tried really hard to stay positive all day, I think it's finally rubbed off on me so now I'm deadfaced and miserable, too. I like you guys and all, but if you're not Honey the Pug or Sea World doing the Harlem Shake, I think I'm going to have to ask you to go.

Oh all right. You can stay.

You too, I guess.

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