Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Power of "Soon"

Just a drive-by post tonight - I am absolutely beat. There's been a huge amount of snow today and, coupled with a bomb threat aimed at public transport, today's commute home was a sluggish, chilly nightmare. A 25 minute commute took more than an hour. Ribs for dinner helped (a little) but right now a hot shower and an early night sound boringly appealing.

The snow was actually beautiful tonight - not too cold, no wind, just gently falling flakes, making everything a little softer and a little slower. But we're rapidly getting to the point where I am just *done* with winter. It usually happens about this time of year. I really start to feel it in March - all the stores are selling Spring skirts and open-toed shoes, Easter baskets are filled with bright green, fake grass and yet we're still pulling on our Sorels and giving the blowing sleet the finger through two pairs of mittens. I can handle winter right now but we're close to the breaking point. So very close.

And when things get to this point I know exactly what I need - a distraction. Usually that comes in the form of online window shopping but when the going gets really tough, the tough get trip planning. The Boy and I are half-assedly planning a vacation for this Fall and I'm trying to get a work trip approved for April, but even those weren't enough of a certainty to keep me sufficiently distracted. So, on a whim we bought tickets to The Book of Mormon* in Toronto and will head down there in May. We'll plan a little mid-week escape around the visit - maybe meet up with some friends, have a few drinks and some meals. It's not exotic but it's something to smile about and it made this blustery evening a little brighter.

I know I'm privileged to be able to do stuff like that - enough disposable income, no real obligations, a partner to do it with me. I feel very lucky. Though as I was typing that last sentence I discovered that two pieces of bacon had somehow been compressed into my sweater folds. So, y'know, it probably all evens out in the end.

*TB and I are so into this musical. When we went to New York last year, we decided to do the lottery just in case we might win. The last ticket called was a single ticket and when the guy announced "okay, our last winner is from Canada!" we both looked at each other with faces that could only be described as "feral". Luckily the winner turned out to be some woman from Barrie so we didn't have to Hunger Games each other.

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