Thursday, February 28, 2013

Challenge #1 Wrap-Up: NaBloPoMo

I'll reflect upon my successes (and setbacks - not ready to call them failures just yet) of Frugal February tomorrow, but for today I just wanted to give myself a little virtual- (cyber?) pat on the back for doing a darn good job at NaBloPoMo. Even though February was a short month, posting 26/28 days is still better odds than last time's record of 18/30. I think. Math?

And no, it wasn't perfect, but it was darn close and I'm pleased. Next time? I think we could go all the way, team. Make regionals, show those kids at St. Mary's we ain't scared of them- whole nine yards.

It's been fun, making myself sit down and write something personal every day. It really did help get me through the arduous clusterfuck that has been our plumbing drama, for one, and it provided a nice change of pace, writing creatively and self-editing as a contrast to my day job where my writing is more perfunctory and goes through several approval stages before seeing the light of day. Plus, it didn't hurt that I saw my largest number of hits this month, either. Oh, don't pretend you don't peek at your stats like a crazy person, too.

I don't think I'll be able to keep up the one-a-day formula for a bit - my work life is going to get a little hectic until Easter - but I'll try my best to come here as often as I can. The competitive cheerleader in me (she's buried way deep down, under mini-hot-dogs and Passion Flakies) won't stop doing this until I can achieve a perfect score. But really, it has been a great stress release to talk about life instead of politics or logistics or travel documents. You'd be surprised what little room there is for poop jokes in talking points.

I know I was.

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