Monday, February 18, 2013

Mail Call!

Is it hipster to really like mail?


How about mommy/lifestyle blogger?

I just feel like it's probably been said a million times by people much twee-er than me, but eff it - I love getting me some damn mail. I almost feel bad when days like today happen because the wonderful onslaught of happiness that greeted me when I arrived home was practically too much to bear. And the lack of mail tomorrow will make me all Snoopysad. Anyway, let's focus on today, yes?

First off there was this awesome valentine from my friend, Apes.
This is literally the most romantic thing ever said to me.
Isn't it awesome?

I will admit, maybe I should have opened this "filled with sparkles" package a liiiittle further away from where The Boy had just vacuumed but other than that - utterly charmed. If anyone ever tells you a 30-year-old doesn't want stickers, mad libs, erasers and a whoopie cushion in the mail - you just send 'em my way, bub. We'll set 'em straight.

Secondly, a little cluster of envelopes revealed a freebie coupon for frozen dinners (mama's no Betty Crocker) and the tax receipt for my student loan that I paid off this year so I can now stumble through my taxes. Hooray for the boring life of an adult!

And finally.. oh babies- I got my Ebay order! I waffled back and forth on getting this with Frugal February on and all, but I'd been looking for it for absolutely ages, couldn't find one anywhere else, and was totally enamored with it. There was only one on Ebay and, damnit, it was going to be mine.

Perfection! I'm fascinated by Hugo Chavez merchandise and this rounds out my collection pretty well. Dolls of world leaders in general is a pretty smashing idea but my job involves working on Venezuela so, yes, there's a personal affinity there. He talks, apparently, but I think the battery may have been drained on its way to his new home so I'll have to get him all fixed up at some point.

I still send out Christmas cards and postcards and the occasional note, because I know how much fun it is to open something besides an attachment. It's a big part of the reason I subscribed to two "beauty boxes" (soon to be one - cutbacks, y'know) because the giddy little thrill of getting mail that isn't advertising 2 pizzas for $15.99 is memorable and grin-inducing.

I love mail so much just call me Mr. McFeely.

Yeah, I went there.

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