Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wiggin' Out 'Bout it Wednesday

Okay, let's try something different.

The week's only half over, if you're Canadian, there's no turkey in your future, and it's the middle of God's hated month - November.

Here on Wearing the Wig we're going to brighten up your Wednesday with a short list of things we (me) be diggin' in order to put a positive spin on this butthole of a day.

First: Apartment Therapy's tips on how to make your house look cleaner than it is, is GENIUS. Dishes stashed in the stove - YES! Also, the comments section is full of good info (and makes me glad I don't own cats)

Second: The best saying related to putting men in the "friend" zone that I've heard- and it's in sampler-form! You can buy it here.

Third: Anytime I'm having a bad day, I just listen to this rendition of the 20th Century Fox Theme as played by a recorder.

Fourth: I'm really really hoping this place has the straight-up goods on poutine. Grabbing a quick dinner there tonight - will report back if not immediately admitted to hospital for heart murmurs.

And, finally: Is there anything better than Donald Trump getting schooled by the head of UNICEF? No, no there is not.

Happy hump day, kids!

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