Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Missed another day of NaBloPoMo yesterday but, frankly, I wasn't really home enough to even get in front of the ol' laptop so it's not surprising. A disastrously annoying trip to IKEA, a get-together with The Boy's extended family and sleeping off the drunken fun/Rock Band glory of Friday night kept me pretty well occupied. Today has been one of my favourite things: a Lazy Sunday.

Hair is still unkempt, face remains unmakeuped, the TV's been on the Food Network since noon, and every single menial task we complete is being met with an overabundance of high-fives. Total bliss. We took the opportunity today to put up the Christmas lights before it got crazy-cold- a difficult task, it turns out, when you don't own a ladder. Our jury-rigging solution necessitated me holding onto The Boy's waist while bracing myself against the front railing while he used both hands to fit the lights into the plastic holders. Basically it looked like we were trying some freaky-deaky new exhibitionist move. Which I'm okay with, but it was harder than expected to explain to the neighbours' kids. 

I had idly thought about going downtown to see the Remembrance Day* ceremonies but, as I have yet to do so, despite moving ever closer to the proceedings, I decided to let my current streak continue unbroken. I do not hold up well around shaky veterans with quilts on their laps so we just quietly listened to the Snowbirds fly overhead from the warmth of our house. 

Now it's off to my grandpa's house, for the sole reason that I bought a large cake at a cake sale that I probably should not eat myself. And the best part of today? Long weekends mean I get to do it all again tomorrow. I can feel my bones liquefy in anticipation of the lazy already.

*to my American readers, this holiday is known in your country as "July 4th" 

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