Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thank God.

I vow not to get too political on this thing but I will just say that man alive, am I happy that last night's vote went the way it did. It is still profoundly weird to me that Canada cares as much as we do about American elections but, I suppose given its proximity to us and our close trade and political relationship, it's natural that we monitor it very closely. I'm sure they do the same for us.


We were worried, America. While we may not be able to vote in your election your policy affects a lot more than what's inside your borders. And we were scared. But we're sorry we doubted you. Good luck to you all.

And I will also say that I'm buoyed by the gay marriage bills that were accepted in various states. I vividly remember in 2004 watching Jon Stewart go through the incoming election results and sadly pointing out how many states had struck down gay marriage as part of their vote. I had a hard time reconciling those decisions with the accepting Americans I knew. Well, I'm decidedly chuffed that just 8 years later, things are changing. As a member of a (fairly) young generation I get the impression that this support for gay marriage will only continue to grow. And really, that can't happen soon enough.

P.S. I hope Bo got extra kisses. On his face. And was held like a baby and squished against the POTUS' chest. Just how dogs like it.

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