Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kind of a Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph

If you know me, you know that I've only really seen about 8 movies. I've got a fairly short attention span when it comes to films and I'm more likely to get into a tv show - more "bite-sized" pieces, and if I like the characters, I get more than 90 minutes to enjoy them. My party trick is getting people to name movies they think everyone's seen and then watching as I shake my head "nope". It's no tie-a-knot-in-a-cherry-stem but it does the job.

When I do see movies in theatres it's always a mixed bag - sometimes dramas, sometimes comedies, sometimes kids' films. And last night was one of the latter.

I was sold on Wreck-It Ralph, like I believe most people from my generation were, by the trailer, featuring a "bad guy" support group. It played on Gen X/Y nostalgia and looked pretty fun.

And I'm happy to report - it was fun. Full of cute references and groany puns and, despite my love-hate relationship with 3D glasses, a good movie for 3D effects. The voice acting was really well done by all involved and the pacing was good - when the credits rolled we couldn't believe we'd been there almost 2 hours. I'd suggest taking a vintage video game fanatic with you because I did feel as though I wasn't getting the full effect of the visual gags due to my lack of video game knowledge. 

It's a sweet, original story overall and yes, I got a little sniffly toward the end but then again, I cry at the end of Tim Hortons commercials, so you'll probably be fine. 

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