Monday, March 25, 2013

Oh My God, I'm Back Again.

If you didn't immediately start humming this after reading the title,
I'm not sure we can be friends.

These last 2 weeks have been all-consuming, work-wise, and I'd like to say that I handled it with great grace and aplomb but mostly I just binge-watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and drank rum and diet cokes before noon. Tomato, tomahto.

Things have settled down now somewhat, which is a relief but now I've got to make some decisions about what I'm going to do for work next year. My job requires that I rotate in and out of different positions every few years and, after 2 years in my current job, I have to decide if that's enough, thankyouverymuch or whether I'll stick around another year. I'm making internal (and probably, eventually, external) pro-and-con lists because I'm honestly stumped, dudes. Making choices like this is not my strong suit - I over-analyze like mad, annoying all around me during the day and driving myself to distraction at night, letting my mind examine every possible outcome. I guess that tendency isn't exactly a fault in this case, as it's a big decision but I'm convinced that whatever choice I make, it'll be the wrong one. I'm pretty sure the repercussions of this decision will reverberate through my and TB's lives for the years to come so it's not a decision I'm taking lightly. But also? Fart jokes.

On the heels of that stress I've decided to take Thursday off in order to make the long weekend an extra long weekend, which may be one of the single greatest decisions I've ever made - up there with the time I bought a tub of cookie dough off a figure skater and my choice to slowly replace all my dress pants with elasticized leggings. 2 family dinners + waxing appointment + haircut + cleaning = needing an extra day to watch Classic Concentration episodes on YouTube and paint my nails. Priorities, people.

Now its off to bed to sleep off my yoga aches and dream about a future filled with mini eggs and matzoh balls (I am a woman of complicated tastes)

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