Monday, April 1, 2013

Never long enough.

This is the last of my glorious 5-day long weekend and, man am I going to miss it. The stress at work, which has dissipated a bit but certainly not disappeared, coupled with my distrust of hand sanitizer were, I believe, the key factors in me getting sick juuuust before I got time off. Keen! Thursday was spent sniffling pitifully and then deciding "to hell with this" and going for a bajingo wax/Spring awakening. I know it's an unorthodox method, but I have to say, nothing clears up the sinuses faster than a slight and determined woman pulling hot wax strips off your pale, shivering body.

But snot factory/torture dungeon aside, I've had a wonderful few days. We've actually managed to be productive which, if you know either of us, is a miracle befitting this particular weekend. TB cleaned out the stove which was a lesson in carbon's tenacity (we only got the damn thing in December - why are we disgusting? Don't answer, please), hung some pictures and cleaned the kitchen counters. I tidied the front entrance, put away the winter coats (cue snowstorm), did 4 loads of laundry, hand-washed some blazers (true story, as soon as I typed that, I realized I hadn't taken my blazers out of the tub yet, yelled a bad word and ran to take them out - and they say blogging accomplishes nothing!), and am about to whip up a delicious (or massacre a perfectly good) first-time lasagna. We changed the sheets, went to not one, but two lamb-filled Easter dinners, got massages, went for tapas, made pancakes, slept in like crazy, overdosed on Breaking Bad and Freaks and Geeks and generally just enjoyed each other's company. I'm sad to have to go back tomorrow, but at least we have a week in May to look forward to in Toronto to see the Book of Mormon (yay!) and also to participate in a wedding (yay?) (oh, fine. Yay.) Plus I'm getting a haircut on Thursday which isn't something to look forward to personally as it is to everyone around me - especially those pulling my stray split-end laden hairs out of their mouths every few minutes. Sorry, TB.

I love that feeling of having the windows open and getting things accomplished that feels so "spring-y". I still can't stop tidying and fussing, unpacking from last week's business trip, contemplating making muffins, planning the week's dinners. Today's a bit of a downer, weather-wise, all doom and gloom with a wicked bit of wind, but you can tell good things are on the horizon. Things that smell like promise and sunshine and worm guts and blossoms and dog shit. Get it happenin' Spring - we're ready for ya!

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