Thursday, March 14, 2013

Go Time! (aka Please make it stop time)

These are the times that try men's souls.

I don't know whether it's because it's end of fiscal or whether there's some kind of freaky pheromone coursing through our veins (brains? stem cells? Not a scientitian.) that coincides with the onset of Spring or whether maybe just, maybe, the Mayans were right about the apocalypse but forgot to carry the 1 and were 3 months off but.. jeezus. Go ahead, try asking someone how they are right now. Know how they'll answer?

They won't. They'll already be dead. You'll be talking to a dead person like the ending of a particularly half-assed episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Everyone is exhausted right now. And everyone who's past exhausted is crying. And everyone who's not crying is dead. And you're TALKING TO THEM!

I'm really trying to make that spooky ending thing happen. It's not happening, I know. I'll drop it.

This has been the busiest period of my life at work, I think. It's stressful and jam-packed and sometimes people just cry and I don't even know anymore. I come home and have tacos watch bad Canadian game shows with TB and hope that it all ends. I've lined up so many things to do after this particular storm has passed that I don't even think I'll have time for them all. Some of them started out as "treats" and, after some reflection, they're more of just "personal things you should probably be doing anyway but don't have time for right now." Like, using a new shower gel or getting a massage? Treat yo' self! Getting a haircut and scheduling a bajingo wax? Less so. And lately it's just devolved into "When next week is over I'm going to treat myself to a carton of 1% milk!" or "Come Monday, I'm going to be flossing like no one's business!"

   gifs from:
Conspicuously absent?- Wash Hair!
- Organize socks into pairs!
- Find bobby pin you dropped behind the couch! 

I've clearly got a long way to go before I'm any good at this self-pampering hooey.

Honestly, just the best way I've found to get through periods like this is to try and focus on something (or things) in the future that will make you happy. And this year's got a lot of potential. I got my tickets to this in the mail today (purchased before Sewergate 2013 - sorry, not sorry?) so that's one thing. And I still plan on taking a little vacation (not the sprawling European sojourn we had planned, unfortunately, but maybe next year) sometime in August so there's that. And hopefully seeing some of my favourite people whom I love and admire and sorely miss. And frankly, at this point, just the idea of them plus future alcohol puts a smile on my face so there's always that. Always ALWAYS that.

So until then it's all just focusing on the "in", making sure it's followed shortly by an "out" and making sure all my screams are silent ones. Night, lovelies!

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