Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Eleventh Hour Warrior

Hello cyberfollowers. I hope you haven't missed my daily chatters as you read your weblogs on the Internet.

I miss the days when the internet was still new and everything flashy had to have a cyber- or e- at the beginning of it. Let's return back to the days when companies still implored you to visit them on the "world wide web", while reciting an address that always started with "aitch tee tee pee, colon, backslash backslash", shall we?

Okay, that was a distraction. Back to business.

I won't apologize for not writing here because, frankly, that's what made me start to resent my last blog. I'll just say I'm happy to have a spare moment again and I had a good little break The last week has been kind of a whirl of activity in my real life, almost all work-related, since my job involves work on Venezuela and if you follow the news it was kind of a crazy week for them, too.

I like being busy, overall. I mean, it would have been nice to have lunch before 3:30 some days, and I never like sleeping next to my Blackberry but for a few days a crazy pace makes me feel invincible - like I can do anything as long as the deadline is tight and I know basically what's expected of me. I've never started a project more than a few days before the due date since I was 8 years old, so I don't really thrive under vague deadlines or with lengthy projects. I mean, I can do them all right, but really, my best (though probably least-proofread) work is done when I've got no time at all. Give me a deadline of 30 minutes ago, and I'm happy to churn out a speech. Give me two months to write a photo caption and I'll end up drawing a cartoon in Paint.

So basically this week, while being stressful as all get out, was the time you were most likely to see me with a grin on my face as I raced through the halls with a file folder under my arm and a pen tucked behind my ear. Additionally, I've got a solid team who tells me when I'm doing good work and doesn't expect me to move mountains, especially in a reactive position such as mine and that's so important with things like this. I mean, I'll carry the world on my shoulders for ya, just don't expect me to keep it turning, too, y'know?

Things have kind of quieted down now (I had originally typed "died down" but thought better of it *collar pull*), and the project I'm left with is one I would have liked to have had done a week ago, but, well, y'know, last minute bandit at all. I hope that same power that kicked in this week will carry me through the next two - some of the most stressful of the entire year for me. Hopefully I'll still have time to "surf the web" as an "internaut" :oP <--- emoticon!

Okay, I'll stop trying to make "fetch" happen.

And, no matter your opinion of Hugo Chavez, you have to admit : he had one of the catchiest campaign songs of all time. It may or may not still be my ringtone.

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