Monday, October 29, 2012


A house in a nearby neighbourhood - points off for no severed limbs.
Confession: I'm a huge fan of Halloween. Even growing up, autumn was always my favourite season and having a holiday in there that celebrated (for us non-wiccans, at least) fake blood, scary movies and type II diabetes-driven fun? So. Boss. The Boy and I had some errands to run on Saturday so we decided to strap on some warm boots, pack an umbrella and head out into our neighbourhood to get 'er done. And got 'er did, we done.

It's our first year owning a house so we decided to buy some treats in case some little ones happen by this weekend. But a combination of the "Frankenstorm" (or, more accurately, as a friend on Facebook pointed out, Dr. Frankenstorm's Monster), the relative demographics of our neighbourhood (young singles and couples, few kids) and the area of town we live in (the lovely park near our house becomes decidedly more.. sexy at night) ensure that I will, once again, be single-handedly consuming 2 bags of Crispy Crunch mini-bars. A fate I shall suffer through with cheerful good will.

We had the best intentions to go to a party this year, as we usually do, and show off our amazing (read: hilarious to only us) costumes but lack of foresight in actually reading a package's contents led us to not having the correct supplies to properly complete them. So, at 8pm we did what any quick-thinking and highly-motivated young couple would do - we watched The Grudge, ate a bag of chips and drank ourselves to sleep.


For a great collection of people a million times smarter than us chuckleheads, here's an amazing collection of witty, funny and often just plain dedicated costumes. 


  1. tell me you've seen this.

    1. Ummm... I have now! Oh my god.. he's perfect!!!!!