Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Broketober Progress #1: State of the Bank Account


Well week one of Broketober has come and gone and let me tell you, it's not been particularly stellar. I actually didn't even want to talk about it much, but keeping honest is sort of part of this, so fine. I'll do it. But I hope you can feel my furrowed brow through the monitor.

1. Taxis

Status: Pretty miserable

I've taken Five, count 'em FIVE taxis this month and it's only the 8th. Yeah, I don't know either. But between my inability to leave the house on time and my just-plain-boneweariness, I haven't managed to produce stellar results on this one.

2. Write it Down

Status: Not bad

I've written down everything I've spent this week but was a little lax last week and haven't been using my apps effectively. It really does keep me on track when I see all my spending in front of me. And by "keep me on track" I mean "keep me gasping and sobbing".

3. Let's Cook

Status: Not Bad

We've been doing okay about not eating out, especially given that some commitments were already set in stone before we started (If you think I wasn't going to Ribtoberfest, you're dead wrong.) So far I've gone out for brunch once, eaten at the cafeteria once and Ribtoberfest twice (no shame, no regrets) and I haven't taken in or been to a coffee shop once yet this month. I'm skeptical if I'll actually make it to only six times out this month, especially considering by my rules, I've already used up four of them (though really, why did I let the cafeteria count?? It's more punishment than nutrition). I've also made one recipe that I've never made before (and I'll share it soon), so I'm on track for the second-half of this promise as well, I think.

4. Pretty Frock Purchases

Status: Effin Ace

Haven't bought a single thing that wasn't a cab or a meal, thankyouverymuch. Well done me! *dislocates shoulder patting self on back*

Haven't bought my Halloween costume stuff yet, but I think I can do it pretty cheaply. I was stumped for ideas earlier but I think I'm coming around to something pretty fun... and that's all I'll say.

5. Use What I Have

Status: Nope. Just Nope.

I guess it's technically good news due to the fact that the reason I haven't used any coupons, discounts, etc. is because I haven't really eaten out, gone for coffee, gone shopping, or bought groceries yet this month. That'll change, but for now I'll say "no news is good news" for this one.

So, yeah. Not terrible, but certainly not my best effort. Ah well, we beat on, boats against the current.

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